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YouTube | Too many UK children still face poor diet and nutrition

Children in the UK are risking serious illnesses later in life because of poor diet and nutrition while they are young, an important new study just published on behalf of the Health Supplements Information Service (HSIS) has found.

What is inflammation and which foods reduce it?

In this article, we'll look at how your diet could help keep these less helpful types of inflammation at bay.

What to eat for healthy eyes

"Scientists have discovered that several nutrients help to guard our eyesight, keeping one of our vital senses in good working order as we age."

How to talk to your child about their weight

"What should you do if your own child is overweight? Is it best to raise the topic and risk hurting their feelings, or should you ignore your child's expanding waistline but worry in silence about their future health and well-being?"

Do omega-3 fish oil supplements have a proven health benefit?

These foods are rich in special types of fat called omega-3s which are important for your heart and brain. But how do you know if you're getting enough? And is it better to take a supplement?

Is a dairy-free diet healthy?

This article will examine alternatives for the key nutrients found in dairy foods, and offer tips for a lactose-free diet, including treats!

Are carbs actually bad for you?

Carbs seem to be the enemy again according to some. So, where does that leave us now?

The truth about the fat in your diet

The certainty that all or some fats are bad for us has been challenged by studies showing that higher-fat diets are not necessarily damaging to heart health.

The best snacks for healthy teeth

A survey for National Smile Month revealed that a quarter of adults (particularly men) don't brush their teeth twice a day, while three quarters never floss. However, Brits lead the way across Europe in visiting their dentist.

High fat vs. low fat diets - where do we go next?

There's now a public and media narrative supporting high fat diets but does this make these the right option?

Do low fat diets really kill?

My take on the new Lancet study

Why dietitians should work with the food industry

Purists believe dietitians should stick with fresh unbranded ingredients but this won't help the public change their dietary habits in the long-term.

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